Training Leaders to Support the
Transition from Residential to Family Care

A two-year certificate program combining in-person instruction, remote learning, and mentored practicum with some of the world’s leaders in deinstitutionalization.

Scripture and science are clear: children need healthy families to thrive.

Around the world, there is a growing movement of transitioning residential programs to family-based care. These programs often have competent staff, committed donors, and strong relationships in the communities where they serve, making them ideal candidates to support care within families. However, program leaders need support from coaches with expertise in the process of transitioning a program to family-based care. Currently, far fewer individuals are equipped for this role than are needed.

This is where the Care Transition Accelerator Academy students come in!

Supporting organizations in their transition from residential to family-based care

This two-year program gives students the tools and expertise needed to be a critical part of the movement to see children in families


Semester 1: Foundations of Care and Transition*
Semester 2: Placements in the Best Interest of a Child*
Intensive Session


CAFO2021 In-person Instruction
Mentored Practicum
CAFO2022 Present Workshop, Graduation

*remote real-time course


Moving Towards
Family Solutions

Transicion Hacia Soluciones Familiares

Transitioning Donors Checklist

Lista De Verificacion Para Ayudar a los Donantes

Transitioning Donors Guidebook

Transitioning Donors Effectively

The Core Elements Companion Primer

Los Elementos
Imprimario de Acompañante

We are on a journey of learning how to better serve children and families...together.