Moving Towards Family Solutions

An Immersive Simulation Experience

Moving Towards Family Solutions:
An Immersive Simulation Experience

Are you hosting an event related to vulnerable children in your region? Are you hoping to catalyze change in the way orphans and vulnerable children are cared for? Do you desire to see children in families?

We want to help.

The “Moving Toward Family Care” immersive simulation experience is a free tool you can use for your conference or event, giving participants the opportunity to learn about transitioning to family care using a fictional case study.

This in-person workshop covers 6 primary categories of transition:


Topic 1: Engagement

Topic 2: Case Management

Topic 3: Families

Topic 4: Asset Transition

Topic 5: Measurement

Topic 6: Fundraising


Using small group discussion and coaching, participants will walk away with an understanding of what it takes to see vulnerable children living in secure families, and next steps for their role in moving children toward families.

The Facilitator’s Toolkit is a free download and can be printed anywhere. Two versions of the toolkit are provided – one in color and one in black and white.


A Facilitator's Guide

This guide contains all materials for the session, including suggested framing remarks, schedules, and things to keep in mind; as well as all group leader and participant materials. These materials are intended for use by the event organizer.

Group Leader Instructions

Each of the six groups will need a leader. Each group has a different set of background information and discussion questions. Each group leader should receive the instructions for his or her group in advance of the event, as well as any charts that correspond to his or her topic.

Participant Materials

Each participant should receive a complete case study, a Readiness to Transition quiz, and a copy of each group chart.

For inquiries about translating this material, contact us!