CORE Elements of Success in OVC Care

Core Elements of Success in OVC Care: Benchmark Practices for Improving Outcomes of Children Together

An evidence-based learning resource focused on 21 key areas that impact quality of care.

The Core Elements of Success distills much of today’s best global OVC guidance, refined with input from NGOs, field experts, and other leaders. It will give you a snapshot of your program’s strengths and opportunities for growth, ensuring you can do the very best for vulnerable children and families.

  • Self-assessment and personalized report provide a clearer picture of your program’s strengths and areas for growth.
  • Personalized coaching with a member of the Research Center team then helps to identify the next steps for your organization through a personalized learning plan.
  • Self-paced and hybrid e-courses provide knowledge and resources to ensure you can do the very best for vulnerable children and families in your program. Hybrid learning members continue to interact and collaborate within their peer learning community as they implement new knowledge to improve their practice of caring for vulnerable children and families.


We are on a journey of learning how to better serve children and families... together.

The Core Elements provides opportunities to:


Take the self-assessment to get a swift, customized report of your program’s strengths and a personalized learning plan for the areas of growth.


Utilize e-courses with on-demand content to learn, grow, and improve your work of caring for kids and families.


Share results with donors and key stakeholders to show what is working, areas of learning, and evidence of growth along the way.


STEP 1: Take the Self-Assessment and schedule a coaching call

This free assessment takes about 30-40 minutes to complete and generates a customized report that provides a clearer picture of program strengths and identifies areas for growth.

A free follow-up coaching call with a Research Center team member gives you time to ask questions, gain clarity, and determine your next steps in the form of a personalized learning plan based on the results of your self-assessment.

STEP 2: Start learning by signing up for e-courses

Select courses that match your learning priorities and choose from self-paced e-courses or hybrid e-courses to learn alongside others as a course leader guides you through a combination of on-demand content and live, interactive meetings with other course participants.

STEP 3: Repeat the self-assessment annually to track your growth and successes

Taking this assessment annually provides year-over-year data to track your program’s successes and evidence growth to donors and other key stakeholders in your organization.


The Core Elements is for your program if...

You serve children and/or families
You are engaged in an international context
You want to know, rather than just hope, that your program is effective
You want to learn HOW to improve and receive the tools to do so

Pricing and Features

The Core Elements Self-Assessment, customized report and follow-up coaching call are offered for FREE (a $599 value) as a thank you to all who are serving children and families and want to work toward better care.

Individual Core Elements E-courses provide lifetime access to self-paced, on-demand content focused on 21-key areas that impact quality of care for children and families. 

CAFO Members: $49     Non-CAFO Members: $99

Learning grants (partial and full) are available for all e-courses. Don’t let cost stand in the way of your learning! 



The Self-Assessment takes between 30 and 40 minutes to complete.

If available within your organization, the assessment is best completed with a copy of the following materials on hand:

  • Employee handbook
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Your most recent annual report
  • Board of Directors handbook

This tool is for any program serving children and families in a non-U.S. context.


After completing the self-assessment, users receive a personalized report highlighting strengths and areas for growth.

A free coaching call with a Research Center team member is then available for you to ask questions and gain clarity on your results.

From there, select e-courses on the topics most relevant to your organization as you begin learning and gaining resources to strengthen your program.

Yes! The Self-Assessment is currently available in Spanish. Users are able to select their language at the beginning of the survey.

Training Modules in Spanish are currently in development but will be available soon.

The principles and topics contained in the Core Elements of Success were developed from an extensive amount of relevant research and global guidance, and were refined with the input of more than 40 organizations serving vulnerable children and families around the world.

Join us today as we journey toward better care for children…together.