Adults who were once children separated from parental care have massive experiential wisdom that can improve the care of vulnerable children.

Research shows that children outside of parental care face a host of challenges. However, less research has explored the strengths and positive outcomes for these children as adults.

Understanding what formal or informal interventions are correlated with better outcomes can help us know what actions to encourage or repeat as we serve children outside parental care.

In an effort to highlight what is working, improve care for vulnerable children, and catalyze more relevant research for care leavers, this study will survey care leavers from alternative care settings across multiple nations. Their answers will lead to data-informed recommendations for service providers and policy makers on how to improve services to children outside parental care.

Ideal study participants are…

Any adult (18+) separated from parental care as a child

Able to speak English or Spanish

Wanting to impact future generations

Based anywhere in the world

Able to access the Internet

This study is currently ongoing.
If you are an adult who was separated from parental care as a child...