CAFO Research Affiliates

Facilitating application and understanding of the best available research to frontline practice in care for vulnerable children.

A unique opportunity to directly impact practice through your research.

Far too often, an immense gulf exists between current research and frontline services to children and families. While those who care for vulnerable children want to apply the best knowledge in their work, many factors – including the overwhelming needs program managers face daily and the difficulty in applying narrow academic findings – make that difficult. However, academic researchers have a tremendous opportunity to creatively bridge the gap between research and frontline services, helping critical knowledge reach the people and places where it can make the biggest difference. 

This is the goal of the Research Affiliates program: to provide you with connections and opportunities and to empower you to be part of the solution.

This program is for you if...

You are an academic researcher with an interest in applied research

You want to see your research make a real-world impact

You desire to work with and/or educate child-serving organizations

About the CAFO
Research Affiliates Program

  • Translate your academic findings into simple guidance for dissemination among practitioners

  • Present and teach at the annual CAFO Summit and Research Symposium

  • Gain access to connection, guidance and opportunities to present at practitioner conferences on issues of high significance in the field

  • Connect with practitioners who can provide additional data sources for future study of effective tools and interventions to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families

Research Affiliates Program

There is no cost to apply and become a Research Affiliate, and there will be no ongoing fees.

Quarterly meetings with experts in the field to explore how to connect your research to real-world change for vulnerable children.

Engage in various opportunities to network with other researchers and practitioners, including access to a private webpage with researcher profiles, including links to relevant work, and an exclusive meetup at CAFO’s annual Summit.

Members can apply for Research Challenge Grants to evaluate promising practices with participating NGOs.

Members receive discounted registration for our annual Research Symposium.